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   Premium Partners

Make more money with our industry-leading platform.

    Designed for Your Business

The Partner Program is designed for businesses such as web hosts, ISP's, web developers, and many other IT-based businesses, with an established customer base. Instead of providing and maintaining your own SMTP service for your customers, you outsource the provision of the entire SMTP service to us.

    Solid, Reliable, Free

We can provide your customers with a reliable, free SMTP service, and give them the opportunity of upgrading to a more advanced, paid account. When that happens, we share all revenue received, for the lifetime of the customer's account that you have referred.

    Instant Passive Income

We work with you to create a special co-branded sales page, and we handle all billing. The Partner Program involves little work on your side, and can enhance your business with an instant, new revenue stream.

Easy, quick and it works.

Flyinfotech has been a part of our life for many years and it has never let us down.

We highly recommend Flyinfotech.

We've used Flyinfotech on all of our systems for years. It's an extremely reliable service that we highly recommend.

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